Addroid Display Products

Delivering top quality creative to your audience everywhere display media is served.

Standard 300x250 Addroid banner

  • High quality creative
  • Superior Brand Lift
  • Autoplay Video Everywhere
  • Mobile compatible

We empower brands to deliver their message with full creative impact, across all platforms with better ROI than standard banners or rich media.

The platform enables creators to author high-impact video and animation in their existing creative tools (e.g. Adobe AfterEffects), then simply upload the assets to Addroid. With some light configuration, ads are ready to publish in a matter of minutes. No coding or quality assurance is required, and ads are fully HTML5 and IAB compliant.
The platform enables planners to align vendors on a single format that requires zero quality assurance from AdOps teams. Addroid tags are simply uploaded to existing ad servers or DSPs (e.g. DoubleClick Campaign Manager), and delivered to partners through existing channels. Addroid’s rich metrics and data tools help media teams maximize their clients dollars, and since ads are served through existing ad servers no publisher certification is needed.
In App
Autoplay Video Everywhere
Addroid Tag
  • One platform for all display media
  • Enhances existing workflow
  • Reduces quality assurance (Q.A.)
  • Eliminates file size constraints
  • Increases efficiency of campaign teams

Simple and intuitive user interface for planning, AdOps, and data teams.

Rich metrics for all display media that traditional HTML5 ads cannot offer.

HTML5 and IAB compliant, and backwards compatible with old browsers for maximum reach.

Works with existing campaign tools including DCM, AppNexus and more.

Simplifies display media by providing one format and platform across partners.

No publisher certification required.


Simple and intuitive user interface for assembling video display ads.

Author creative assets in existing tools, then import into Addroid and build ads in minutes.

No coding or QA required, and fully HTML5 compliant.

Update creative assets during flight with cloud-based architecture.

Deliver beautiful video creative with 24fps instead of boring HTML5.

“Addroid has virtually eliminated the need for Q.A. in our media workflow, and alignment on one format with partners has created efficiencies that let us refocus on what’s truly important...the client.”

- Tony Terani, C.E.O.,

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