May 1, 2021

Hey Everyone,

I started development on Addroid in 2011 with the intention of solving a couple of the problems we had during that time. Back then, building in-banner video ads was a hassle. Does anyone remember delivering empty shells to the media agency and having to host the actual SWFs on their server for the client? Additionally, while the iPhone had been out for four years the entire ecosystem of banners struggled with mobile compatibility. As a person who owns an agency, I also saw how bad the rich media platforms were at the time. Sometimes it took days to build a single unit. Addroid solved those problems but slowly over the last ten years most of the critical issues have been resolved. Mobile compatibility is much less of an issue and rich media in general has been deprecated.

Addroid has four components: an ad builder, an ad server, a utility for media agencies and a robust backend for campaign and user management. The app requires at least two dozen servers, a handful of databases, and a CDN. Just to turn it on is actually quite expensive but it seems, especially after COVID, the usage has been down. It’s for this reason that I have decided to shutter the app.

However, the Fandango Ticket Widget continues to solve an important problem for entertainment advertisers. For the first time we can transform integrated social media and display campaigns into a meaningful sales funnel that converts. I’ve always been interested in solving problems so this is where I’m going to focus my efforts.

All is not lost! If you still need banners built and you don’t have a developer please feel free to reach out. If you’d still like Addroid to host your rich media assets so your unit can run within the Google Ad Manager ecosystem I can get your ads built for free. Just send me the final assets and I’ll send you back zips that can be upload into DCM.

This has been a passion project of mine for the last decade so if you used the ad builder in the past I want to sincerly thank you. As always please let me know if I can be of assistance.

Coop (at) addroid dot com



Super charge your display campaign and connect movie fans directly to the point of sale. The Addroid Ticket Widget pulls in local theaters and tickets times directly into your banner end frame, allowing for a seamlessly targeted user experience and higher conversions. Agencies can easily integrate this feature into their normal DoubleClick Studio builds so there’s no change in workflow. Complete the sales funnel and turn clicks into ticket sales!

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