is a free resource for digital publishers and media owners to easily manage and share ad specs with agencies and brands.

We created to streamline the process for publishers to provide accurate ad specs to agencies and brands.

Our experienced media team has witnessed first-hand the unnecessary complexity in campaigns due to outdated specs, and hard to read spreadsheets.

The Problem
  1. Ad specs are constantly changing and belong on the web, not in stale spreadsheets

  2. Incorrect or out-of-date specs cause major headaches for agencies and brands

  3. No common catalog exists between media buyers and sellers

Eliminate repetitive spreadsheets when you respond to RFPs, and include the URL instead.


The Universal Placement Identifier, or UPID for
short, is a unique code that refers to every media
placement and spec listed on Think
of it as “The UPC Code for Advertising.”

  • Eliminates confusion between buyers and sellers
  • Refers to complex placements and specs with a single code
  • Automatically assigned to every media product on
* Patent pending
Media Buyer
Creative Agency
Ad-Tech Vendor
  • Free for publishers to upload/manage specs
  • Unique URL for each placement to send in RFP responses
  • Verified accounts ensure data integrity
  • List specs in the public directory, or use private URLs
  • Easily reference specs with globally unique placement IDs (UPID)
  • Centralize all ad specs for multi-site publishers
  • Stop the insanity of managing specs!