Addroid’s New Platform: Features and Launch Schedule

We are very excited to announce the launch of a completely new Addroid platform.  We have introduced an all new interface, and a number of new ad unit features.  In October, the beta was launched to a limited group and received great feedback, and now the new platform is open for business!

New Features:

  • New User Interface Enhancements:
    Being an L.A. company, a face-lift was inevitable!  The new Addroid user interface is sleek and user-friendly with intuitive function groupings and a clean, dashboard focused approach.
  • Ad Unit Updates:
    • Mobile optimization – our new mobile ad size is 20% smaller for even higher performance than before, and miles ahead of the competition.
    • Continued HTML5 support – our new ad units continue our full support for HTML5 on modern desktop browsers so you never need to worry about QA or compatibility.
    • “Flicker” free ads – We no longer need to load the backup endframe first, which removes the flicker seen at first ad load on slower connections.
  • Creative Features:
    • One click ad building – build an ad with only a video asset and let Addroid generate JPEGs for you, or build your own just as before.
    • Dual resolve frames with timing – optional new start-frame and traditional end-frame with timing settings allow you greater flexibility and more creative freedom.
    • Centralized file management – all files are now managed through one primary interface which eliminates the secondary uploader for interaction videos and custom buttons.
    • Larger file support – video file uploads up to 100Mb are now supported.
  • Media Features:
    • Placement editing – placements can now be edited in real-time without retagging – hallelujah!
    • Sharable tag download page – tired of digging through email for tags?  Now tags can be shared just like creative demo pages for easy access by partners or media agencies.
  • Enhanced Analytics:
    • Video metric reporting – we are now making video metrics available through the reporting interface including video starts, quartile views, and a click map to enable creative and campaign optimization.
    • New report download format – downloadable reports will be easier to read and parse with a completely new format.
  • VAST Support:
    • We are introducing VAST tag support which enables easy tag creation and file hosting directly from the Addroid interface where all your other video assets live.  Tags can be downloaded and imported into standard video ad servers.

Launch Schedule:

  • Official new platform launch:  October 9, 2015
  • November 30, 2015: Current platform closed to new ad builds
  • December 18, 2015: Current platform closed to active placements (*active ads must be moved to the new platform by this date)
  • December 31, 2015: Current platform reporting access decommissioned (**reports must be downloaded prior to this date)
  • January 1, 2016: Current platform closed.